Damn Passwords

It is after 9 o’clock on Sunday night. I have just created this blog. I had to change my password numerous times in order to create the blog. I have to have big letters and small letters and numbers and special characters. I hope I don’t have to change my password in 90 days like I used to have to do at work. That was a major drag, especially because there was another password that had to be changed every 60 days…so they would overlap for a while. God forbid you had the same password as one of the last 32 passwords. Sometimes my password would include words like: DAMMIT or HELL.

My mother had a brilliant idea that I name my blog The Reluctant Redneck. This being because I chose to move from urban to country and started drinking a lot of beer out of the can. Upon research I found this title was already taken. Also, it was not quite right for me. Another thought I had was:  The Contemplative Gardener. This is how I think of myself as I am standing in my garden, looking around, wondering what my plan was. It probably wasn’t weeding. What was it? Sometimes I stand in the garden and just look around, admire the view and am thankful that I live here.


I find that I am always contemplating things. A great many things. I contemplate more than the garden. Sometimes I contemplate so much that nothing happens. I have been contemplating as long as I can remember. I remember thinking about the expansion of the universe and eternity as I was lying awake in bed as a little girl. The name I have chosen reflects my feminine nature. I am a contemplatress.


About The Contemplatress

Outdoors, I enjoy gardening, hiking, biking, kayaking, wandering the beach and taking photographs. I admit to being a fair weather outdoorswoman most of the time. Indoors, I enjoy cooking as though I am on the food network. My favorite activity may be sitting in the sun reading a book. Probably with a beer. My liberal arts degree didn't help me acquire gainful employment so I became a practical nurse. Taking care of people who can't take care of themselves makes me thankful that I can.
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