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obsession with kombucha

Kombucha. I started to hear about it within the past year. One of our friends was drinking it to help his guts. Maybe even the hippie doctor (rather than the doc-in-the-box) told him to drink it. I don’t recall now … Continue reading

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strawberry cheesecake bars

A little over a year ago I made strawberry cheesecake bars for a graduation party. Apparently they were memorable as I have had requests to make them again and to divulge the recipe. I’ve noticed it doesn’t count if I … Continue reading

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thoughts on feminism and woman’s work

One day when I was at work, late in the evening, I was in the office charting and listening to the nursing assistants talking in the hall. Something was said about getting a strong guy to do something manly like … Continue reading

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red, white and blueberry bars

(aka, God-Bless-America-Red-White-and-Blueberry Bars) The official name of these bars is: God-Bless-America-Red-White-and-Blueberry Bars. This is a long name and may not be favored by all so I have shortened it to simply: red, white and blueberry bars. This name is just … Continue reading


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