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no one wants to hear about my workout

It is true. Just yesterday I was leaning on the counter, arms extended with flat back and I did a push-up. Then, I started to tell Liza about how I did push-ups on the barbell at the gym and she … Continue reading

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let’s just have a beer

My day begins with good intentions. Upon arising I usually intend to go back to bed immediately upon returning home. After being awake for about fifteen minutes my thoughts change to better intentions. After work I will walk the dog … Continue reading

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the night the eggs got dyed

Easter is approaching. That means it is time to dye eggs. For us that means getting a bunch of kids together to dye about 400 eggs (more or less). We dye them for a local egg hunt, not to eat … Continue reading

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peanut butter chocolate bunny cookies

It all started with Saint Patrick’s Day at Grandma’s house. This was a time for my mother, my grandmother and I to relive old times. When I lived nearby we used to get together several Saturdays a month to have … Continue reading

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glass milk bottles

I will sometimes take my cans or bottles home to recycle them if I am somewhere where people just throw them in the trash. We recycle so much stuff…and a lot of that stuff could be used again rather than … Continue reading

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